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Group exhibitions

1999: Athens, Cultural Centre of Palaio Psychico

2000: Brussels, Exhibition "Femmes d' Europe artistes peintres"

2004: Stockholm, Polish Institute

Permanent Exhibition

2004: Pribram, Czech Republic,
Contemporary Art Museum Vojna Memorial
participation in the

for the creation of the world's longest painting, which is expected to appear in the Guinness Book of Records, and will be permanently exhibited in the new Contemporary Art Museum Vojna Memorial, in Pribram, Czech Republic.

It is a joint message, from artists of different European countries, on the Vision of Europe in the 3rd Millennium, organized by the Orbis Pictus Art Society, under the auspices of the Sénate of the Czech Republic, on the occasion of the integration of the Republic into the European Union.

Personal Exhibition

2005: Paris, Palais du Luxembourg
Salle René Coty

Exhibition under the auspices of the President of the French Sénate Mr. Christian Poncelet, in the presence of the Senator Mr. Daniel Goulet (Senator of the Orne) and the Senator Mr. Marc Massion (Senator of the Seine Maritime) who also did the opening address.
Among the 200 guests there where art critics, French media and foreign diplomats.

Paris,Maison de la Grèce
(January 22th - 30th )

2005: Stockholm, Galleri 17 Strandvägen 17, 114 56 Stockholm
June 2 - 7

2005 Stockholm, My painting "Rising in the air" has been exhibited and sold in public auction by the well known swedish Auction House Bukowski. The profit went to HRH Princess Lilian 's foundation Doctors Against AIDS.

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